React.js Front-end Web Developer With Passion to Design. Based in Lviv, Ukraine

Hi, I'm Oksana

Former Manager and Consultant with solid experience in Business Development.

Many years of work in Architecture & Construction taught me to project the triad of principles of Vitruvius on all the works that I implement. Reliability, usefulness and aesthetics should always be present in the design of the things that we use.

I'm a lifelong learner always looking for new challenges. Most of my skills and knowledge are self-taught through online courses, training, MOOCs, books and DOCs.

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My current web toolbox

#StayCurious, #KeepOnHacking & #MakeItHappen

I use React with its ecosystem for building websites, applications, and component libraries.

My knowledge of multiple fields allows me to work on a project with the full scope in mind.

I have experience of creating headless front-ends, and working with the JAMstack. This website is built with Gatsby.